Unrealized Gains
will hurt middle class
American families.
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Saving America’s Family Enterprises (SAFE) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, educational organization advocating against tax proposals that complicate the tax code, encourage tax avoidance, or harm small businesses, family farmers, homeowners and the middle class.

The Wrong Approach

A Tax on Unrealized Gains Would be Destructive to American Families.

A tax on unrealized gains means every year taxpayers will have to guess their net worth – and then pay taxes on their guess – even before assets are sold.

A new tax based on guesswork means new, complicated loopholes…the last thing we need.

Here’s what we believe:

The tax code must support the ability of the middle class, small businesses, and family farms to prosper and must not burden their savings and investments
Wealthy must pay what they owe
Adding new tax loopholes benefits the wealthy and shifts the burden of paying the federal government’s bills to middle-income taxpayers


See how taxing unrealized gains could impact American families.

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